Tommaso Cucinotta wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to mention that, with the patch I committed right now on the SVN, 
> the current version of LyX from trunk implements correctly this kind of 
> feature, i.e., you can search for a plain word and replace it with its 
> emphasized or boldface version, or search for some text (i.e., X1) and 
> replace it with a math symbol ($X_1$), or you can search for some maths 
> (i.e., $X^1$) and replace it with some rework of it (i.e., $Y_1$), etc.. I 
> know there are many use-cases, and I hope somebody helps in identifying the 
> most important ones and/or possible issues.

can you write some documentation in our manuals? this or the hint in bug 3095
wouldn't occur to me ... :)

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