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Tommaso Cucinotta wrote:
Hi all,

I'd like to mention that, with the patch I committed right now on the SVN, the current version of LyX from trunk implements correctly this kind of feature, i.e., you can search for a plain word and replace it with its emphasized or boldface version, or search for some text (i.e., X1) and replace it with a math symbol ($X_1$), or you can search for some maths (i.e., $X^1$) and replace it with some rework of it (i.e., $Y_1$), etc.. I know there are many use-cases, and I hope somebody helps in identifying the most important ones and/or possible issues.

can you write some documentation in our manuals? this or the hint in bug 3095
wouldn't occur to me ... :)

I've committed right now the original manual I wrote at the times the
feature was not yet in trunk (probably Abdel forgot to consider this
file when he ported the patch to trunk). I'll extend it with further
details, such as the use-case under discussion, or the replace feature.


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