I would also love to use this version, but I must admit that I am totally confused by what I found-- the links that are mentioned in Jurgen's announcement seem to contain sources that need to be compiled-- I could not find anything like setup.exe, etc. Can someone post a clear set of instructions as to how one might install the new version?


Ehud Kaplan,

Matthias Bußjäger wrote:

I would really like to use this version because of more stability. Currently
I use Lyx 1.6.3 to write my thesis.
Thereby I am very careful and would like to know if it might result in any
problem if I change my current version of Lyx?

Thanks in advance, Matthias

On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 1:28 PM, Jürgen Spitzmüller <sp...@lyx.org> wrote:

Public release of LyX version 1.6.4

We are pleased to announce the release of LyX 1.6.4. This is the fourth
maintenance release in the 1.6.x series. This release covers, amongst
many minor improvements, fixes to some rather severe issues, such as:

* A workaround to a nasty problem in recent Qt versions (Qt 4.5.0 up to
 4.5.2) that made LyX crash if the document included images that were
 scaled to certain sizes in the work area.
* Fixes to problems that might result in the loss of data.
* Many other stability improvements, thanks to a new debugging script that
 helped to reveal uncovered critical bugs.
* Further fixes to the LaTeX importer (tex2lyx) and the conversion of
 older LyX documents (lyx2lyx).

A detailed list of changes is appended below, remaining known problems
are listed in the file RELEASE-NOTES.

All users and distributors are urged to upgrade to this version.

In case you are wondering what LyX is, here is what
http://www.lyx.org/ has to say on the subject:

  LyX is a document processor that encourages an approach to writing
  based on the structure of your documents, not their appearance. It
  is released under a Free Software/Open Source license.

  LyX is for people that write and want their writing to look great,
  right out of the box. No more endless tinkering with formatting
  details, 'finger painting' font attributes or futzing around with
  page boundaries. You just write. In the background, Prof. Knuth's
  legendary TeX typesetting engine makes you look good.

  On screen, LyX looks like any word processor; its printed output --
  or richly cross-referenced PDF, just as readily produced -- looks
  like nothing else. Gone are the days of industrially bland .docs,
  all looking similarly not-quite-right, yet coming out unpredictably
  different on different printer drivers. Gone are the crashes
  'eating' your dissertation the evening before going to press.

  LyX is stable and fully featured. It is a multi-platform, fully
  internationalized application running natively on Unix/Linux, the
  Macintosh and modern Windows platforms.

You can download LyX 1.6.4 here (the .bz2 are compressed with bzip2,
which yields smaller files):


and it should propagate shortly to the following mirrors (which will
also host the .bz2 versions):




Prebuilt binaries (rpms for Linux distributions, and Windows
installers) should soon be available at

NOTE that no Mac OS X binaries will be provided for this release, due to
a regression on this platform that was detected after 1.6.4 was released.
Expect a minor update that addresses this problem to be released soon.

If you already have the sources of the previous release, you may want to
one of the following patches instead

If you find what you think is a bug in LyX 1.6.4, you may either
e-mail the LyX developers' mailing list (lyx-devel <at> lists.lyx.org),
or open a bug report at http://bugzilla.lyx.org

If you're having trouble using the new version of LyX, or have a
question, first check out http://www.lyx.org/help/. If you can't find
the answer there, e-mail the LyX users' list (lyx-users <at> lists.lyx.org


The LyX team.

What's new in version 1.6.4?

** Updates:


- LaTeX import (tex2lyx) was updated and now also supports:
 * nomenclature entries
 * the LaTeX-package esint
 * the alternative LaTeX document language names "portuguese" and

- Implement separate chains for Japanese bibliography and index
 compilation. This allows for proper support for jbibtex and mendex,
 pLaTeX's bibtex and makeindex replacements (bug 5601).

- Lyx now recognizes dviout as DVI viewer (bug 6103).


- Support for chemical formulae via the LaTeX package mhchem. For a
 description see LyX's Math manual.

- LyX's warning about different textclasses in master and child now has a
 "Do not show this warning again!" checkbox. Checking it will disable the
 warning for this specific master/child constellation over sessions
 (bug 3218).

- Tooltips for toolbar buttons now show the main shortcut associated
 to the action.

- Tooltips for footnotes and some other insets now wrap, so they can
 actually be seen.

- New commands inset-begin/end (bound to Ctrl-Alt-Home/End) allow to jump
 to begin/end of insets (and outside of the inset if the cursor is
 already in place). There are also versions that select text.

- The LaTeX Log File dialog has a search facility.

- The notes context menu has a new item for toggling all notes.

- The math context menu has a new item for numbering a single line in a

- The math context menu has now a status flag indicating the type of

- Some context menu items haven been stylistically revised.

- The include inset context menu indicates the selected inclusion type.

- Add a graphical user interface for the SVN file locking property.

- Preferences about automatic popup and inline completion are now honoured
 when pressing Ctrl-L in math mode.

- Make it possible to copy from a deleted section (bug 5390).

- The merge changes dialog has a new button for backwards navigation
 (bug 2213).

- Copy as Reference is now also implemented for equation labels
 (bug 5948).

- Visual support for the integral signs \fint and \fintop in formulas was


- New Slovakian translation of the Introduction manual.

- New French translation of the specific manual "How to write Braille
 with LyX".

- Updated Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian,
 Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian and
 Spanish localizations of the user interface.

- Updated EmbeddedObjects manual: New section about subfloats.

- English Extended manual: Updated section about reverse DVI search.

- Updated English Additional Features manual.

- Updated Intro manual for all languages.

- Updated English, French, German, and Spanish Math manual.

- Updated German and Spanish User's Guide.

- Updated German and Japanese Tutorial.


- Added a shell script (lyxeditor) for performing reverse DVI/PDF search
 and a python script (lyxpak.py) for creating archives of a lyx file and
 all its ancillary files (graphics and so on) to development/tools.

- Take advantage of some bugfixes in Qt 4.5 for internal file handling.

- Added some cygwin-specific scripts and utility programs that are
 compiled and installed when building on cygwin.

** Bug fixes:


- Prevent data loss when shutting down Windows (part of bug 5525).

- Fix conversion of documents from LyX 1.5 with multiple URL insets
 (bug 6121).

- Fix conversion documents from LyX 1.4 which have multicolumn cells in
 tabulars with expert border settings (bug 6018).

- Partially resolve bug 5702, "tex2lyx cannot deal with modules". We
 now treat the "DefaultModule" tag as if it were an "Input" tag. This
 is not a general solution, but does deal with one of the most serious
 cases of the bug.

- Fix language settings after an environment (bug 5096).

- Fix layout conversion problem with AMS classes (bug 6140).

- Fix the output of spaces that are at the beginning of a block with
 a new textcolor (bug 4473).

- Fix output of alignment if default aligment is not justified (bug 5995).

- Fix problem where updates in some child documents were not recognized
 and no LaTeX update was performed (bug 6024).

- The default eLyXer configuration now handles images correctly on view
 and export (requires eLyXer >= 0.27).

- Fix loading of UTF-8 encoded files when a byte order mark (BOM) is
 present (bug 6030).

- Fix reverse DVI/PDF search with child documents (bug 6020).

- Assure that a longtable caption is in a first header even if the table
 does not have one. This assures the caption is not repeated after a
 page break and consequently in the list of tables (bug 6057).

- The file encoding is now properly restored after a LaTeX environment
 or command with local scope (bug 5690).

- Enable the possibility to read documents from a path containing a
 $-character (bug 4177).

- Enable document margin settings and hyperref settings in the
 article (beamer) class.

- Fix bug involving incorrect requests to overwrite external files
 (bug 5522).

- Fix occasional wrong occurrence of theorem style (bug 6036).

- Fix the on-screen representation of headings in the AMS article and
 AMS book classes.


- Prevent a crash in Qt when scaling images on screen. This could occur
 only for certain scaling factors and image sizes (bug 5957).

- Do not close hidden documents that have unsaved changes without asking
 whether the changes should be saved (part of bug 5863).

- Fix bookmark navigation crash when multiple windows are used
 (bug 6000).

- Disable the "sort" option in the outliner for the Table of Contents
 which triggered a crash (bug 5983). Sorting the TOC didn't work anyway.

- Fix a crash when closing a LyX window with split views (bug 5998).

- Fix a crash when applying preference changes (bug 6064).

- Fix a crash when accessing the Navigate menu after an empty inset has
 been dissolved (bug 6003).

- Fix a crash when performing instant preview on an uncodable character
 (bug 6116).

- Fix a crash when navigating in a table with math insets (bug 6158).

- Fix a crash when closing LyX while a master and its child were open.

- Fix a crash when documents were hidden, the view was closed, and
 the same documents were made visible in another view (bug 6162).

- Fix communication between lyxclient and server, which leads to a
 crash once CTRL+D is used on the client side (bug 6106).

- Display the filename suffix in the tab header if it is non-standard
 (e.g. ".lyx15"). This avoids a crash when loading two files with
 identical names but different extensions (bug 5646), and disambiguates
 such files in the user interface.

- Disable Symbols dialog for read-only documents. This prevents a
 potential crash.

- Fall back to default UI file if the specified one cannot be found
 (bug 6076).

- Fix assertion when a nested math hull appears in a math macro
 (bug 5996).

- Fix assertion when pressing down arrow in the command buffer while
 the history is empty (bug 6001).

- Fix assertion when selecting with Shift-button in math editor (bugs
 5046 and 6026).

- Fix assertion when starting spellchecker in math mode and clicking
 "replace" (bug 6013)

- Fix assertion in mathed when moving the cursor immediately after
 pressing Ctrl-L (or '\' with inline completion disabled) in front of
 another character (bug 6063).

- Prevent a window resize when applying the Preferences when the
 LyX window is maximized (bug 6034).

- Fix the upward scrolling when selecting with the mouse (bug 4464).

- Make Tools>Statistics ignore Note insets and inactive branches
 (bug 2566).

- Take into account file system case sensitivity when checking whether
 a path starts with a given prefix. This fixes a bug with reverse PDF
 search when using SumatraPDF as a PDF viewer on Cygwin.

- Fix the maximum number of the files stored in last-opened-files list
 (bug 5980).

- Disable unused functions in the citation dialog (bug 5987).

- Fix display of BibTeX entries in the info field of the citation
 dialog by only converting text mode latex macros to unicode glyphs.

- Convert LaTeX macros such as \"{u} to proper unicode characters
 for the display of authors/editors on the citation inset button.

- Fix pop-up of ToC and Source code panels after fresh install (part
 of bug 5082).

- Maintain session settings over version changes (also related to
 bug 5082).

- Do not reset toolbar settings after a change of UI files that do not
 concern toolbars.

- Fix math-insert lfun behaviour in the absence of a selection or when
 something outside mathed is selected (bug 6033).

- Fix casing inconsistencies in the English user interface.

- Fix context menu for insets inside a branch inset (bug 6022).

- Fix command "tabular-feature align-(left|right|center)" which was
 inadvertently disabled for a math matrix (bug 6041).

- Ensure that pasting into the preamble and the nomenclature dialog's
 description widget resets the font formatting (bug 3936).

- Fix wrong labeling as "child only" branch if branches were unknown.

- Fix typesetting of chemical equations by adding support for the mhchem
 package (bugs 6047, 4043, and 5394).

- Fix display of unknown math macros that become known after editing their
 name. They are now correctly expanded and not left in red (bug 5923).

- Fix display of macros when clicking away (bug 3706).

- Fix the inconsistent behaviour of the cursor inside math (bug 2034).

- Fix the toggling of the outline-button on the toolbar when closing
 the outliner with the 'x' (bug 3918).

- Fix the pasting of multiple cells in a table when a range is selected
 (bug 4952).

- Do not open files during startup that were closed in the previous
 session by Close View or Close Window (bug 5458).

- Remove empty paragraphs and superfluous spaces when leaving an inset
 (bug 5435).

- Fix the scrolling problem that when scrolling with PgUp or PgDn, the
 cursor could end up on a row that is only partly visible. This causes
 the cursor to end up somewhere else when scrolling back (bug 5944).

- Fix selection of math insets on some archs.

- Fix of painter glitches caused by uninitialized variables (bug 6077).

- Fix uninitialized variable in Dialog code (bug 6081).

- Fix the enabling of the page height and width fields in the Document
 Settings dialog.

- The width unit of table cells can be set before entering the
 value (bug 6070).

- Re-allow the insertion of glue lengths in the VSpace dialog and the
 VSkip widget of the Document dialog (bug 6097).

- Fix bug where multimedia keys were intercepted by LyX (bug 6043).

- Disable some menu entries when the document windows does not have
 focus on OS X (bug 1720).

- Add the emf an wmf graphics format as a parameter of LFUN_PASTE.

- Fix the enabling and disabling of some items in the longtable
 section of the tabular dialog.

- Remove the black box around the work area that is visible with Qt 4.5.

- Fix middle-button pasting between different tabs (bug 6120).


- Fix icon image files so that they appear correctly when the
 documentation files are converted to DVI (bug 5945).

- Fix encoding of the Hebrew documentation files to make them


- Detect multithreaded boost libraries if included boost is not used.

- Fix small documentation bug in configure.py (bug 5881).

- LyX now recognizes both elyxer and elyxer.py.

- SCons: assertions are now always disabled in mode=release and
 enabled in mode=debug.

- Added support for automake 1.11.


- All ImageMagick and Ghostscript resources are no longer installed as
 separate files but included in the applications. This improves
 performance and makes maintenance easier.

- Updated download location.

- Fixed compatibility issue with recent NSIS versions.


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