2009/8/26 E. Kaplan <ehud.kap...@mssm.edu>:
> I would also love to use this version, but I must admit that I am totally
> confused by what I found-- the links that are mentioned in Jurgen's
> announcement seem to contain sources that need to be compiled-- I could not
> find anything like setup.exe, etc.
> Can someone post a clear set of instructions as to how one might install the
> new version?
> Thanks,

Please read the announcement message carefully once again. It is
standardized message sent on every release and it always contains
links to directories with Windows installers! The only problem may
occur when you want to access them just after the announcement arrives
on the list. There is always a little lag between the time of
announcement and the time when Jürgen and Uwe put binaries on FTP

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