Today I installed elyxer (again),

I choose the "elegant way" as described in the user-guide, see
at the end of subsection 1.2.

The last Terminal command which I did on my Mac-OSX was:
sudo python install
- with success, no error message!

But I don't understand the meaning of the last phrase in the subsection 1.2:

"From now on we will assume that you are running as an executable file, => but you should substitute that for python -m elyxer if you have opted for this elegant procedure."

In the following parts of this section of the user guide, I only see the commands with
$ … - and not with "python -m elyxer".
Therefore I'm tangeled (afraid to do something wrong).

Hope that Alex "elyxer" Fernandez or someone using the "elegantly installed" elyxer can answer to my question, what python -m elyxer is for…

Yes, I had been one of the first users of elyxer on Mac (mentioned friendly by Alex in the "Acknowledgments"). But because of my complicated tufte classes, I decided to wait for further devolopements. Now making a new warm-up with it.
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