Am 29.12.2009, 18:46 Uhr, schrieb Alex Fernandez <>:
If you followed the elegant procedure you just have to
click on Tools > Reconfigure and it will find eLyXer automatically
(LyX version > 1.6.5). That is why it was elegant

I agree! After the first run I'm really impressed!

A rather challanging lyx file with 4 pages (when pdf) with older westphalian-saxon verses were well structured transformed into html. With the "footnotes" (here as the tufte style specific margin notes) as margin
notes (<span class="Flex"> or however it is called in html source code).
And with the bibliographical reference on the end (where I put the link to the bibtex file into the LyX document. Even the margin figures were in the margin (linked to there temporary place in the LyX tmp dir).

Few problems are remaining:

- The strophes/stanzas within the single poems are not separated (done in
LyX with paragraph break instead of newline);
- a complicated sidenote in the abstract (vertically shifted by a TeX
inset and with a /citep{…} within) had not been placed into the margin,
but it's LyX text between the TeX-insets was within the abstract text)
- a special tufte cls and layout inset (called "numbered margin note" or
the like) which I put into one poem has not been translocated to the
margin but remained as additional row in the poem.
- In the bibliography (bibtex) reference the German umlauts are in the
LaTeX manner, e. g. »"o« instead of »ö«, but I remember you mention this
problem in "3.1 Known Issues".

Some of these problems might be resolvable with user-defined accommodation
within the css. But that'a field I might achieve in future…

But I didn't want to go into these issues en details, in the moment, but
give an enthused first echo. After further experimenting I'll come back
more precisely, perhaps better on your Elyxer-users mailing list.

Thank you for your work on it, the bygone year!
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LyX 1.6.5 - MacBook Pro intel OSX 10.4.11 Tiger

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