Hi Joachim,

On Tue, Dec 29, 2009 at 2:58 PM, Joachim Osnabryg <o...@jpberlin.de> wrote:
> Today I installed elyxer (again),

It's good to see one of the earlier collaborators of eLyXer back.

> I choose the "elegant way" as described in the user-guide, see
> file:///Users/joachim/RunnerLaae/La_TeX&LyX/elyxer2009-12/docs/userguide-frameset.html
> at the end of subsection 1.2.

Good, it is the preferred method.

> In the following parts of this section of the user guide, I only see the
> commands with
> $ elyxer.py … - and not with "python -m elyxer".
> Therefore I'm tangeled (afraid to do something wrong).

Fear not. You can run everything using "python -m elyxer" just as
"elyxer.py". I have modified the User Guide to include some examples,
starting with the generic command line:
  $ python -m elyxer [options] [source file] [destination file]

> Hope that Alex "elyxer" Fernandez or someone using the "elegantly installed"
> elyxer can answer to my question, what python -m elyxer is for…

I will also answer it in the User Guide: you are running eLyXer as a
Python module, which means that you don't need to know its location on
your system.

> Yes, I had been one of the first users of elyxer on Mac (mentioned friendly
> by Alex in the "Acknowledgments"). But because of my complicated tufte
> classes, I decided to wait for further devolopements. Now making a new
> warm-up with it.

You are a patient and intelligent collaborator; I am eagerly waiting
for any input from you. By the way, maybe you could kindly request BH,
the Mac OS X maintainer for LyX, to include eLyXer in his installer. I
corresponded with him earlier on and his main concern was
maintainability of eLyXer; hopefully now that the Windows alt
installer and Debian are distributing eLyXer he will be more willing
to do it; his is the only major platform where eLyXer is not
distributed at all. Of course there are all the other Linux
distributions (besides Debian) as well...


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