Thanks. It works.


On Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 5:46 AM, Jean-Marc Lasgouttes
<> wrote:
> Le 30 déc. 09 à 09:59, Murtaza Safri a écrit :
>> I am typing in a lot of math macros. I wanted to group them together
>> inside foldable box to improve readability and manageability afforded
>> by folding the inset box. So I put in a lot of the macros inside Lyx
>> grey note. However, the output has a lot of new lines and the first
>> line of my paragraph text starts way down on the page. I noticed from
>> view source that Lyx puts in an extra line break in <lyxgreyedout> if
>> the content is a macro. Is there a way to remove the extra spacing?
>> Can I design a custom inset?
> Try to define a branch, and enable it. Then you can insert your macros in
> a branch inset.
> JMarc

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