hi paul.
i sort of work around the problem following your suggestion. the new doc only 
works when all the citations removed. i need to go further to see if my .bib 
also conflict with new doc later on. thanks for now.
best, jackie 

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> Subject: Re: dvi preview problem
> Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 10:54:29 -0500
> j. w. wrote:
> > hi paul,
> > 
> > thanks for the tips.
> > 
> > i tired following steps, but seems 
> > can't solve the issue.
> > 
> > copy doc and took off the bibliography.copy doc and took off the 
> > bibliography, removed all the citations, 
> > note, footnote, margin note etc.tried bisection copy and paste to new file, 
> > and each section(with citation) 
> > can stand alone(be viewed) with no problem.tried to take away all the 
> > language potential conflict, just plain
> >  english.
> > none of above attempt can bring it back to normal view. it would be easy
> >  if bibtex problem, when removed bibliography, no really any 
> > question marks came up.
> > any other possible solution i can try?
> > rds, jackie
> > 
> If you create a new doc and copy each section, one by one, to the new 
> doc (leaving all previously copied sections in place), does the new doc 
> always compile?  If so, then perhaps the problem is in the preamble of 
> the old doc.  Even if the preamble is not the culprit, if the new doc 
> compiles after copying ALL the content of the old doc, just delete the 
> old doc and work with the copy.  It won't identify the problem, but it 
> will get you past it.
> /Paul
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