On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 1:57 PM, Richard Talley <rich.tal...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I had been running LyX 1.6.3 with MacTeX 2008 under OS X 10.5.x and created
> a number of documents using the three Bera fonts.
> Recently, I downloaded, installed and updated MacTeX 2009. I also grabbed
> the MacTeXtras; it came with LyX 1.6.5 so I installed that also.
> Now LyX doesn't see that the Bera fonts are available (they show as 'not
> installed' in Documents -> Settings -> Fonts). If I switch back to MacTeX
> 2008 (which I have not uninstalled but would like too) and reconfigure LyX,
> these fonts still show as not installed.
> MacTeX 2008 and 2009 most definitely do come with the Bera fonts installed;
> all the correct files appear to be there.
> I really need to convince LyX 1.6.5 that these fonts are indeed installed
> and available, as I need to re-edit some documents and have them print using
> the same standards that I was already using for this series of documents.
> (And yes, I did re-run 'sudo texhash', just in case, and ran the
> LyX-installer that comes on the LyX-1.6.5-Mac-Universal.dmg.)
> Any suggestions would be appreciated. I haven't yet downgraded to LyX 1.6.3;
> I guess that might be my next step in troubleshooting.

Have you tried reconfiguring LyX? (LyX > Reconfigure) I have MacTeX
2009, and the Bera fonts are properly recognized by LyX.


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