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>> >
>> > +checking for package bera [bera]... yes
>> This says it has found the bera fonts. So you should have access to
>> them in Document > Settings > Fonts. (Are you sure you don't?)
>> At this point, I'm baffled.
>> BH
> Thanks for your help.
> I think that the indication that the Bera fonts are not installed is just a
> symptom of a deeper problem; I appear to have lost all font control. No
> matter what fonts I choose, I get a pdf that has the default LaTeX fonts.
> Something is badly screwed up in my TeX installation; I'm going to get rid
> of it and start over.
> Your comments were still useful; I learned several things about trouble
> shooting my installation.
> -=- Rich
Well, there is nothing wrong with my TeX installation. I've been using
TeXShop to work directly in LaTeX and also to typeset LyX documents that I
have exported to LaTeX. All the fonts and utilities are available that are
supposed to be.

There were two things wrong with my LyX 1.6.5 installation, both easy to
correct once I understood what was going on.

Somehow these lines got into the preamble I've been using:

% set fonts for nicer pdf view


\fi % end if pdflatex is used

When I used pdflatex to typeset a document, these lines were substituting
Latin Modern for any fonts I was choosing in Lyx.

The second problem is that LyX was showing the Bera fonts as 'not
installed', even though they are and I can use them to typeset a document
(once I had figured out and corrected the first problem). For some reason,
LyX is not adding the correct information to the packages.lst file (which on
OS X is in ~/Library/Application Support/LyX-1.6/), even though the
configure.log file shows that the reconfigure procedure is correctly seeing
that the Bera fonts are installed and available. So I just added a line with
the word 'bera' to the packages.lst file and the 'not installed' message
went away.

-=- Rich

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