On 04/05/2010 01:14 PM, baqijan1 wrote:

When I use polynom package in lyx. The html output does not show that parts
where macros from polynom package is used. For example, if I have something lik


When I convert lyxt to pdf, there is no problem. Only html does not work. I
assume, it should convert these instances to images, which it does not.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Since, I am stuck at this and can't
move on.

Is this LyX 1.6.x or the alpha release of 2.0? Either way, what HTML converter are you using? It sounds as if it is either elyxer or, if you're in 2.0, then LyX's native XHTML output.

If you're using elyxer, then there is not really anything you can do. elyxer's math support is pretty basic; it doesn't even support all of the constructs that are available in LyX. It certainly does not support arbitrary packages, such as polynom. You might therefore want to uninstall elyxer (I'm sorry, but that is what you would have to do), reconfigure LyX, and try using htlatex, which has its own issues but handles math better, since it does it all via images. (Of course, that can lead to scaling problems, etc, but at least you get decent output.)

If you are using 2.0, then you will run into the same problem right now, since XHTML support is not yet complete. Eventually, however, LyX will do precisely what you suggest: If it encounters something that it doesn't understand, then it will output an image. There's nothing stopping elyxer from doing the same, of course, so it that is what you are using then you might want to report the issue to the elyxer developer.


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