On 04/06/2010 05:19 AM, Guenter Milde wrote:
On 2010-04-05, rgheck wrote:
If you're using elyxer, then there is not really anything you can do.
WRONG: you can ask the elyxer developer whether support for these
constructs, providing sample input (and preferabely expected output).

Perhaps you should read to the end of the message before replying. I said this myself. And anyone reading this with any degree of charity at all would have realized that what was meant here was: do with the current version of elyxer.

elyxer's math support is pretty basic;
but steadily improving (and for this depends on user feedback).

Which is irrelevant to the user's question.

Or instead of uninstalling elyxer, define htlatex as an alternative HMTL converter 
in Tools>Settings.

Perhaps you should try this yourself before giving such advice. (Perhaps you do not understand how the converter chain works.)


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