Dear LyX users,

since some time it is more and more common to zoom-in or zoom-out the workspace 
of an application with Ctrl-plus or Ctrl-minus key-strokes. On a Apple Mac this 
would be Cmd-plus or Cmd-minus. Traditionally in LyX the Ctrl-minus keys 
produces an hyphenation hint. Therefore we have a conflict here.

On the one hand the new user would more likely expect Ctrl-plus/minus to act as 
zoom-in/out. On the other hand the experienced users may disagree with the 
change of behaviour if the standard key-binding of LyX for the hyphenation hint 
move to e. g. Ctrl-Shift-minus.

So I want to start a little poll here: 
please tell your pro or cons for binding the zoom-in/-out feature to 
Ctrl-plus/-minus and moving the current binding of Ctrl-minus.



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