On 7/18/2010 6:22 PM, Yago wrote:
At the DOS prompt, entering `kpsewhich MinionPro.sty┬┤ three seconds
thinking about and after this time the prompt without messages. Please,
can you explain to me what is the `double-cheked the spelling in the
preamble┬┤. Thank for your hlep.

By double-checking, I meant making sure you had not accidentally entered something like \usepackage{MininPro} in the preamble. That does not seem to be the problem, though. If kpsewhich returned no output, then MiKTeX cannot find MinionPro.sty. Do you have more than one version of MiKTeX installed on the machine?

You might try starting the MiKTeX Settings application and clicking first Update Formats and then Refresh FNDB. Then run kpsewhich again and see if it finds MinionPro.


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