Am Saturday 28 August 2010 12:35:59 schrieb Pavel Sanda:
> Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
> > I added yesterday a xfig created figure to my (koma-script) book and got
> > a crash in lyx. Error message is
> >
> > lyx QWidget::repaint: Recursive repaint detected
> > lyx: SIGSEGV signal caught!
> > Sorry, you have found a bug in LyX, hope you have not lost any data.
> > Please read the bug-reporting instructions in 'Help->Introduction' and
> > send us a bug report, if necessary. Thanks !
> > Bye.
> >
> > and if I start with
> the best would be if you are able to produce proper backtrace
> ( ) or give a reproducible
> example. in both cases file a bug in the tracker.
> > The problem is, that I told lyx to start with the last document opened
> > (just for lazyness; was not a good idea in hindsight), therefore I am not
> > able to do anything with it.
> vi ~/.lyx/preferences
> there must line with "last_document_opened true" or something of that type.
> pavel

Thanks. I solved it by using an older document, where the setting did not open 
the document at the start of lyx and imported the offending newer docu. The 
error occurred while working on a xfig figure. I will keep my eyes open if 
this happens again and record the error log file. 


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