On 09/14/2010 06:16 PM, Maria Gouskova wrote:
Dear LyX users,

I am not a Windows user myself but am trying to help some people
duplicate my setup on a Windows machine. On a *nix-based system, such
as my Mac OS, the custom packages and the bib and bst files all live
in the texmf directory, like this:


I would like to be able to just give these people a zipped texmf
folder, so they can unzip it to the proper location. But what is the
standard location for this directory on Windows systems? Is there one?
I also don't have the specifics of their OSes (i.e., whether they use
XP, Vista, or 7), but I need answers for each version if they are

This will depend not just on the OS but on what LaTeX distribution they are using. In fact, it probably doesn't depend upon the OS but only upon the distribution.

Most people on Windows use either miktex or texlive.

Anyway, I'd have people put your custom stuff into their LaTeX home directory, wherever that is. This is controlled by the TEXMFHOME variable.

This page:
has info about setting up a local directory (like ~/texmf/, under *nix) for miktex. I don't know if there is a default.

This page:
has info about texlive, and says that TEXMFHOME defaults to %USERPROFILE%/texmf, whatever that means. I'm not a Windows person either.


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