Is it possible to control the format of cross references to labels so that I
can specify the text prepended to the label number? I realise LyX
automagically adds 'chapter', 'section', 'subsection', and 'Figure', most of
which are fine. But normally I would prefer to simply use 'section' for
actual subsections too.

*Formatted reference* looks to be the place to do this, but I've not been
able to find \prettyref's implementation sufficiently documented for LyX,
and what I have found seems to strongly imply it's use should be avoided.
Nonetheless I tried inserting the \prettyref name definition to my LaTeX
preamble and it did work, but... the text is being prepended to the LyX
'section 1.1', 'subsection 1.1.1', etc, rather than *replacing* it.

Is use of formatted reference really supported, or is there some other way
to do this?

Thanks again.
~:Justin Wood:~
PhD candidate, *Energy & Engineering school*, Murdoch

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