Thx Enrico. I'll try it later.
Julio Rojas

On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 1:24 AM, Enrico Forestieri <> wrote:
> Julio Rojas writes:
>> The question is, how can I add the double slash in math environment?
>> Everytime I try to do it, a regular slash is rendered.
> LyX is able to handle that case but there is currently no way to enter
> the extra vertical space specification \\[0.3em] through the GUI.
> Simply write as latex the array outside mathed (with the \\[0.3em])
> then select it and press Control-M. After that, you can copy&paste
> the array inside mathed and the \\[0.3em] will be retained.
> If you need to change the spacing, copy the array in mathed (only the
> array and not the math hull) and paste it outside of mathed, then change
> the spacing and apply again the above procedure. A little cumbersome but
> it works.
> --
> Enrico

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