Le 21 sept. 10 à 19:49, Wolfgang Engelmann a écrit :
this is the message from the command line:
wolfg...@wolfgang:~/Epigenetik$ tex2lyx EG-Ox.tex
Not overwriting existing file /home/wolfgang/Epigenetik/EG-Ox.lyx
wolfg...@wolfgang:~/Epigenetik$ tex2lyx EG-Oxy.tex
Creating file /home/wolfgang/Epigenetik/EG-Oxy.lyx
Ignoring options 'T1' of package fontenc.
Ignoring options 'german' of package babel.
options 'unicode = true ,bookmarks = true ,bookmarksnumbered =false,bookmarksopen=false,breaklinks=true,pdfborder={0
0 0},backref=false,colorlinks=true' of package hyperref.
Segmentation fault

As Richard said, this is not supposed to happen. Could you send a example file?


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