On 09/21/2010 01:49 PM, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
Am Tuesday 21 September 2010 17:14:53 schrieb Richard Heck:
On 09/21/2010 05:22 AM, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
Am Monday 20 September 2010 21:03:24 schrieb Pavel Sanda:
Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
however, Pavel (and the author of the ticket) ment to change the name
of the file (?).
no i didnt meant this, but by chance you solved your problem anyway...
actually, one of the three:

There is still the question why I get this error if I try to load the
.tex file:
An error occurred whilst running tex2lyx -f 'EG-Q16x.tex' 'EG-Q16x.lyx'
Only a look specifically at that file could tell us that. You could try
running tex2lyx from the command line. You'll get better error messages
that way.

this is the message from the command line:
wolfg...@wolfgang:~/Epigenetik$ tex2lyx EG-Ox.tex
Not overwriting existing file /home/wolfgang/Epigenetik/EG-Ox.lyx
wolfg...@wolfgang:~/Epigenetik$ tex2lyx EG-Oxy.tex
Creating file /home/wolfgang/Epigenetik/EG-Oxy.lyx
Ignoring options 'T1' of package fontenc.
Ignoring options 'german' of package babel.
0 0},backref=false,colorlinks=true' of package hyperref.
Segmentation fault

Ouch! Total crash. I'm cc'ing this to devel. JMarc, do you want Wolfgang to send you this file?


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