On 2010-09-21, Gwen Barnes wrote:

> When I hit the button on the lyx toolbar to either view or update the pdf,
> the pdf gets created in a temporary location.  Is there a way to get it to
> automatically save the pdf to my current working directory?  I'd hate to
> accidentally submit an old version of my document because I forgot to do
> "save as" from my pdf viewer or "export" from lyx after my last edit; I
> certainly don't want to be doing that constantly as I am working.  I haven't
> been able to find any settings that will let me change the pdf location.
> Have I just missed them, or is there some work-around way to do this?

How about defining a shortkey for export as PDF?

To the LyXperts: is there a way to define the command sequence

   export as PDF; open the exported PDF in a viewer?


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