> The next major revision of my courseware will be All-Beamer-All-The-Time (no 
> LyX, just Beamer LaTeX). It's 1000 times easier to maintain and personalize 
> than OOImpress viewed on MS Powerpoint.
> Nowadays, all my letters are LyX letter template. Yeah, it's a PITA, and I 
> think it's a silly use of LyX, but it's a whole lot better than OOWriter.
> When writing a paper 5 pages or less, I use Abiword to get it done in a few 
> minutes. Beyond 5 pages, I use LyX. LyX can be a PITA, but at least you know 
> it will work.
> And of course, when writing anything over 50 pages I use LyX. This is LyX's 
> intended usage, and who in their right mind would use anything else for 50+ 
> page docs?

A book on LyX could be useful but you raise an important point here,
what perhaps needs to be got across is when do you use LyX when does
this stop and LaTeX takes over or perhaps the other way round.

something to think about


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