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> As for Word/OO<-->LyX interoperability, that seems a chimera. How can
> LyX ever be interoperable with Word, when even the LaTeX/LyX roundtrip
> will not get you back the document you started from? It seems to me
> that a more reasonable goal would be to have a Word-output function
> that strips all formatting except the semantically relevant items
> (emphasis, etc) and produce a clean Word file ready to be imported
> into a typesetting program or to be sent to Word-only people. 

Even better, in addition to exporting emphasis and noun, have it export the 
named but empty styles (environments and character styles) used in the doc, so 
the word doc has the styles and the text marked up with those styles. Then all 
that remains is to go in and modify those styles in MSWord or OOffice to 
produce the desired look. After all, modifying a style in Word is five 
minutes, not five hours.

This is a wonderful idea. Now if we can only go the other direction...



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