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> Hi all,
> I'm now labelling all 57 chapters of my new book, and what a PITA!
> First of all, there's no hotkey -- I have to do Insert->Label on every one.
At least for this you can easily define a custom shortcut. See the
docs (Customization and Functions, I think).

> But even worse, the label defaults to the first three words, and often the
> first word is "The". Is there a way to have the label default to the first
> five words?
I have no idea, but this might be hardcoded. You have always the
option to change it in the sources and rebuild it for you needs.
Otherwise perhaps file a bug report.


> Or, perhaps give us a way to highlight the entire title and have
> that govern the label? Right now highlighting is no different from putting the
> cursor at the start, except that highlighting increases the risk of erasing
> the highlighted text.
> I think that label insertion is common enough that it should be a fast
> process, and people's priorities differ enough that the default number of
> words should be changeable.
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