On 03/31/2011 10:33 PM, Jong Kook Shin wrote:

I want to have high resolution images (300ppi?) of math equations when I export my lyx files into html, which will ultimately be converted to MSword file. Currently, it seems that the math equations and other figures are converted to 72ppi. For screen display, it works perfect but I need this ultimately for printing. Googling or search the mailing archive did not find a satisfactory solution to address this issue.

Just FYI, I tried exporting with many other formats - e.g. often recommended open office or rtf, etc. But they did not produce satisfactory results.

I would be much obliged if somebody can provide a hint to this issue.

Can you please file a bug report about this on trac? I would assume we can control the resolution of exported images, but I am not sure off-hand how to do it.


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