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> @Liviu///  Thanks for the suggestion. But I gave up elyxer because I couldn't
> install in in my laptop (Windows 7 machine). Although I consider myself one of
> the skilled users of windows computers, I was completely lost when I tried to
> install elyxer and python stuff.
> Then, my laptop became almost unusable after the bloody Windows 7 SP1 update.
> For some reason, it started to ground my HDD constantly as if it caught a sort
> of virus or something. (Before this update I had very good impression about
> Windows 7 and my laptop).
> So I switched to Ubuntu 11.04 with Lyx2.0
> It came with two html export option (html and Lyxhtml) - It seems that one of
> these two utilize elyxer but not sure which one is which.
Try to install elyxer and then Tools > Reconfigure in LyX. The elyxer
should be available as a converter.

> The first export option (html) was not successful in producing the display
> equations (all of them showed in '*')
> The second export option (Lyxhtml) really worked!! It produced all details of
> math expressions(integral, tilde, hat, etc) flawlessly. And they are all 
> vector
> graphics therefore can be scalable! The only problem left for me is to find a
> way to convert xhtml to rtf or word or openoffice so that I can satisfy those
> who want the bloody '.doc' files.
> -Jong

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