On 05/28/2011 05:39 PM, jong wrote:
> So I switched to Ubuntu 11.04 with Lyx2.0
> It came with two html export option (html and Lyxhtml) - It seems that one of
> these two utilize elyxer but not sure which one is which.
HTML uses elyxer if it is installed. LyXHTML is always the internal LyX
routine, which is new in 2.0.0. For relatively simple equations, it does
seem to work quite well.

> The second export option (Lyxhtml) really worked!! It produced all details of
> math expressions(integral, tilde, hat, etc) flawlessly. And they are all 
> vector
> graphics therefore can be scalable! 
What they are depends upon your choice of method (under
Document>Settings>Output). The default is that they are MathML, which
your browser renders how it likes but will scale with changes. But if
there are LaTeX constructs in your equations that we do not recognize
(packages LyX does not support, say, or XY arrows, and such), then we
fall back to image export. Making the resolution of those images
settable is on my agenda, though they can be scaled via
Document>Settings>Export again.


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