Windows XP Users,

The attached message string details my story.  Basic Summary:

My OS is Windows XP, and I've been using LyX 1.6.7 without problems for
about a year.  Starting a couple of days ago I've been unable to update or
view the DVI versions of my files.  Clicking the dvi or PS icons brings an
error message: "Cannot convert file  An error occurred whilst running
phython -tt".

I downloaded LyX 2.0.0, and I can open my documents using it.  But, when I
do, I get a message saying that I need the document class "article", and I'm
directed to of the User Guide.  Unfortunately I don't understand the
information given there on how to install the appropriate package files.

After I get into one of my documents (using 2.0.0) and I click View (which I
assume is asking for the compiled version that the dvi button yielded in LyX
1.6.7), I get a file name error message:  "The directory path to the
document cannot contain spaces".

The suggestions offered by Richard Heck and Julien Rioux, while much
appreciated, have not helped.

Bill Hanson

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