On 15. aug. 2011 07:44, Zhaorong Wang wrote:
Dear lyx users,
I am using lyx 2.0 on windows 7. I just keep lyx as simple editor of
writing progress report every week. Often I need to insert figures,
but the figures usually have different original size. Lyx seems to
insert graphs using their original size as default. But sometimes big
figure even exceeds the right boundary of the page. Then I need to
make it smaller manually through the graph dialog box. So I want to
change the default to be like as wide as the text width. How can I do
in the preamble? I am simply using the document class "article".
Thanks for any help!

There is no "default settings" for new figures.

But here is a timesaver:

Make a template document for "progress reports". Include a figure in
the template, which have all the correct settings. (Such as width=100% of line length).

When you want to write a report, you use "File->New from template"
When you need the figure, you just change the filename in the template
figure, instead of adding a new figure. This is less work than first
adding a figure and then setting the width.

If you need more figures, just copy the first one and change the
filename in the copy. If a report doesn't need a figure, delete the
one provided by the template.

A template can of course have other non-default document settings set up the way you want your reports to be too.

Helge Hafting

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