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On 08/14/2011 11:30 PM, Julio Rojas wrote:
> As for the footnotes, you first have to use a biblatex style that
> automatically makes use of "\footcite". For this, you need to add the
> "citestyle" option
> citestyle=verbose-trad1 . 
If in the preamble I use


I get this error message:

Package keyval Error: citestyle undefined.


> What I usually do is that I renew a command
> like "\citep" into "\autocite" adding the following command to the
> preamble:
> \renewcommand\citep{\autocite}
If I use:




only the bibtexkey prints, not the text it points to.

> As for the lack of references in the footnotes, it might be due to the
> lack of the bibliography's full path in the preamble.
As you can see above, I'm using the correct full path to the
bibliography file, but still no success.

I suspect that we are getting close though. Thanks for the help!

> Try this and let me know. Regards.
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> Julio Rojas

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