Dear all,

I’ve been using Latex and LyX for about a year now. I like LyX’s GUI which 
insulates me from having to type in all the commands. But, I have a question.

My Latex distribution has many fonts installed on it. My favorite is Linux 
Libertine, which is complete with OSF and true small caps, etc.

But, Libertine is not listed in LyX’s drop down list of fonts even though it is 
part of my latex distribution. The drop down list only seems to list the 
“standard” Latex fonts. Is there any way to get LyX to recognize all of the 
fonts that are included in my Latex distribution. I’m using Miktex 2.9. When 
installing Miktex, I chose the option to install the complete distribution and 
it seems to have more fonts than are recognized by LyX.


Virgil Arrington

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