Matthias Hunstig <matthias.hunstig <at>> writes:

> If there anything I should delete after uninstalling the software from the
Windows XP Control Panel to end
> up with a "clean" system?

On Windows XP, look in C:\Documents and Settings\<your id>\Application Data and
delete any folders with 'Lyx' or 'Miktex' in their names.  Note that this will
delete any customized layouts, keyboard bindings etc. you might have stored for
LyX.  If you have any such things, it would be prudent to archive copies first.

Also look in C:\Documents and Settings\<your id>\Local Settings\Application Data
for MikTeX directories.  (LyX stores nothing there, but I think MiKTeX does.)

Repeat this above with "All Users" in place of <your id> to catch anything
stored if either LyX of MiKTeX was installed for all users.


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