On 09/16/2011 11:27 AM, Kalisch Dominik P.H. wrote:

I have a problem with the OpenDocument support. I need to export my document, 
with a heavy use of formulasm tables and images, to word. Because there is no 
direct export function to word, I thought I can export that file to 
OpenDocument, open it with OpenOffice and save it as a word document. But the 
export function just produces a corrupt ODF file.
Does anyone have a good suggestion, besides write my text in Word?

The oolatex converter doesn't do a very good job with complex documents. There are other routes you can try, e.g., exporting to HTML and importing that into OOo. If you use the LyXHTML export with MathML, that may preserve your formluae. I don't know. Yet another option is to export to RTF, using the latex2rtf converter, but that probably won't do much with formulae.


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