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> >I need to export my 
> >document, with a heavy use of formulasm tables and images, to word. 

I also need to do this, primarily for scientific journals that accept only
".doc" files (i.e. the older Word format).  At least in my field (chemistry
and biology), there are a lot of journals like this.

I've tried exporting to html (by several methods), then importing the html
into Microsoft Word.  This can work pretty well for text and tables,
moderately well for bibliographic citations (depends a lot on what bib style
files you use) and for figure captions (the figures themselves are expected
by the journals I use to be in separate files anyway).  Simple equations can
be OK, but complex equations are sure to fail.  You can use either elyxer
(with the --html flag) or the export to html (not xhtml) native to Lyx 2.0.
Note that any limitations are *not* the fault of html converters (which work
remarkably well for their intended purpose), but are the result of limitations
in Word's ability to take html as an input format.

For equations, the only thing I've found that "almost" works is tex2word
(just Google it).  This is a commercial program that only runs on Windows,
but fills a real need for me, so much so that I have a virtual Windows
machine that I use pretty much just for that purpose.  The program is
limited (it doesn't recognize all latex packages, and you often have to
manually tweak the latex file you give it), but the support staff is
quite helpful and nothing else [that I have tried] comes close if you
have lots of equations.  (You do also need to have MathType, which means
yet more money.) One thing missing from tex2word, but promised "soon", is
natbib support.  Also, tables are far from perfect -- I've gone to the
trouble of converting tables via html, and the rest of a manuscript via

[The "pain" is that, almost inevitably, the equations are going to manually
re-typeset by the publisher anyway, so a difficult (and error-prone)
conversion to .doc is just a waste of everyone's time.  I know of cases where
journals demanded .doc format, only to convert back to latex to actually
typset the article.  But authors are often powerless to "fight city hall".]

...just my conclusions based in limited experience, but maybe it will help.

...dave case

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