I had similar problems with references, which were solved by placing the offending character in the .bib file (usually something with an accent) with a \?{c} where ? is the appropriate marker, such as ` or ' or " and c is the accented character, usually a, o, e, u or i. It is also possible that including the relevant language package (French, Czech, German or whatever) in the Latex system will accomplish the same thing.

Ehud Kaplan

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Any other suggestions ? What's this "active character" problem
about ?
It's a mess as I need this documents printed on monday !
Do you have Unicode characters (or something other than basic latin)
in the
reference labels?  Could this be an encoding issue?

Under the heading "desperate times call for desperate measures", you
might try
making a copy of the .lyx files and using a plain text editor to
globally search
and replace the labels with something that uses only ASCII
characters.  Then see
if LyX does any better.

  The problem is a known bug, specific to french and solved in texlive-2011. I 
have found a work around and I'll have my docs in time. Some discussions about 
it are in the french mailing list (in french of course).
Thanks all for the help,

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