Hello Guys. I' a windows user and using LyX 2.0.

I need to use Arial font for my documents, I tried deactivating TeX
Fonts and choose Arial from my windows installed fonts, after that I
tried to compile with Xetex but I'm just getting errors!

I know that Helvetiva is almost an Arial clone and I can select
Helvetica from TeX fonts from sans serif 's drop down menu, but I did
a research and found that urw-arial
located here: http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/fonts/urw/arial/  is an
Arial font pack for use with LaTeX. I need to know how to install it
and show it in the LyX dropdown menu for sans serif 's fonts the same
way as selecting Helvetica.

I could notice that in latex code appear \usepackage{helvet} when I
select it in the drop down menu, so I think is possible to do the same
thing for the urw-arial. After all it will be just adding another font
to LyX.

I need to know how to do that... A tutorial or something please.

Please help!
Thankyou in advance...


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