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> Hello:>
> How can I set or change the line spacing of the lyxlist style in lyx 2?>
> I would like to set the distance between the list items, and also the 
> linespace within the item. It is also fine if I have to use latex code, or 
> edit the preamble.>
Look into the docs of the 'enumitem' module.>


I looked at the lyx's user guide and I found the following in section

You can decrease the space by adding an optional argument to the first item of 
the list. There add the command nolistsep to get no additional list space like 
in this example:
    • A bullet list
    • without additional
    • vertical space

If I understand correctly I have to add '\nolistsep' in TEX code, but I don't 
know where.  If add it right before the first item I get error message:

 \item \nolistsepaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
The control sequence at the end of the top line
of your error message was never \def'ed.

The lyx user guide is very obscure in regard how and where to insert the 


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