On 02/12/2012 07:15 AM, Eric Weir wrote:

When I attempt to publish [format and print to pdf] a document compiled from Scrivener and imported into LyX I get a long list of errors, all of which have to do with Lyx--or the document class I'm using, KOMA-Script article--not liking some of the punctuation carried over from Scrivener.

The major offender is--I'm going to describe, because I don't know the name--a long dash which Scrivener converts to when I enter two regular dashes in succession. Single dashes and some single and double quotation marks also give errors. [The error with the long dash--again, forgive my not knowing the name of the thing--may be due to the fact that I believe it is normally preceded and followed by a space; I recently switched to use of long dashes that without the preceding and following spaces.]

The long dash is called an "em-dash". There's also a slightly shorter one called an "en-dash". In LyX, these would be entered as "---" and "--", respectively. The spaces won't matter, and (at least in US typesetting) one doesn't normally use them.

This is the message I get regarding the long dash:

    We believe this impasse—
    between a rigorous method that is difficult

    You need to provide a definition with \DeclareInputText
    or \DeclareInputMath before using this key.

The problem may be that these are Unicode characters (so is the quote you mentioned). You might try compiling with XeTeX or LuaTeX, which use Unicode.


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