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> Am 12.02.2012 14:53, schrieb Colin Williams:
> To start writing a book I suggest to start with LyX's thesis template files.
> You find them in LyX's installation folder under
> \Resources\templates\thesis.

Another option (and one I recently used) for writing books with Lyx is
to use the memoir class. It is probably the most flexible class ever
produced for LateX and it allows tweaking of most, if not all, aspects
of a publications. It also has a comprehensive, very well written
manual (a book, really).  It will require you to learn some LaTeX,

Let me add one comment to the great response from Steve: I don't think
you can become a fast writer in Lyx (as Steve says) unless you get at
least an idea of how Latex works and thinks. You need to learn a bit
about environments (paragraph styles), how fonts are used in LaTeX,
about the various components of a page, about compilation, etcetera.
Lyx does a marvelous job at hiding most of the complexity of Latex,
but when push comes to show and things go wrong (i.e. the file does
not compile, your output does not look th way it should, etcetera),
knowing a bit of the language Lyx uses to produce output becomes
precious. If, and when, you decide to start using Lyx, I would buy a
copy of The Latex Companion [1]  and start reading at least the first
few chapters.



[1] http://tinyurl.com/7vr4hzk

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