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Another option (and one I recently used) for writing books with Lyx is
to use the memoir class.

This is one option, the other one is the KOMA-script book class. This is used for most LyX manuals and it is my opinion a bit more flexible. But this is of course a matter of taste.

Let me add one comment to the great response from Steve: I don't think
you can become a fast writer in Lyx (as Steve says) unless you get at
least an idea of how Latex works and thinks.

I don't agree, LyX is designed that you don't need to learn LaTeX and that is why I designed the thesis template. You see there that you cann do almost all you need the LyX way. For very special things I wrote LyX's EmbeddedObjects manual. So in case you have troubles you should find always a quick answer in the LyX manuals. The only thing one needs to learn is to concentrate o writing the text and not to look frequently how it will look. The typical beginner's mistake is to try to fine-tune everything at the beginning also if not even the first chapter is ready. The final formatting can be changed at every time easily for the whole document. (When you publish a book you have anyway to fulfill the publisher's guidelines. In most cases the publisher will do the final layout for you, if you like this or not.)

regards Uwe

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