Oups ! Sorry, I thought this is a french list...

Yes, french Babel is loaded, and the french normal "..." has no
non-breaking spaces  as english form has.

My question about replace simple space with non-breaking spaces is to quote
a verbatim. For exemple: "I'm very glade to be here" (N, L45)
I need a non-breaking spaces between "N," and "L45" to avoid this:
"I'm very glade to be here" (N,
I did type the text and so I'd like to use find/replace if possible...

Thanks for your answers

2012/2/25 Liviu Andronic <landronim...@gmail.com>

> Bonjour
> Comme la liste est en anglais, je répondrai dans cette langue.
> 2012/2/25 Cyril Dupuis <cyril.h.dup...@gmail.com>:
> > - les points de suspensions sont disposés à l'anglaise, avec un espace
> > insécable entre chaque point. Est-il possible de modifier ce
> comportement ?
> >
> What is the French behaviour in this case? I would expect that if you
> load French Babel (do you?), the it should take care of most (all?)
> Frech hyphenation and punctuation peculiarities. Again, what exactly
> do you expect to get?
> > - j'aimerais faire des rechercher/remplacer pour échanger certains
> espaces
> > simples avec des espaces insécables, mais même en faisant un
> copier/coller,
> > je n'arrive pas à indiquer à lyx de remplacer par un espace insécable...
> >
> In French, to the best of my knowledge, a non-breaking space is being
> used before
> »
> :
> ;
> !
> ?
> and after
> «
> As long as you use French Babel, LaTeX (and LyX) will automatically
> take care of these for you. For example, simply write "Bonjour, ça
> va?" (notice that there is no space before "?", non-breaking or
> otherwise) and LaTeX will automatically insert a non-breaking space
> before "?" in the PDF output. Just try it. Same holds for the other
> characters.
> If for some reason you need to manually insert non-breaking spaces,
> then this is easy: either ctrl+space or insert > formatting >
> protected space.
> Regards
> Liviu

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