Dear Users and Developers,

I wanted to give everyone a quick status update on what I've been doing
with the Word to LyX importer.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been working on it full steam and
it's now pretty functional. It supports:

 1. Translating Word paragraph and character styles to LyX paragraph and
    character styles. In the case of character styles that aren't
    defined, it will write entries for them into the local layout
    (including basic LaTeX commands).
 2. Importing Word tables, including those with merged rows or columns.
    It will also do its best with the table borders.
 3. Enumerated and itemized lists.
 4. Importing images from the Word document. (It skips over embedded
    objects, such as charts from Excel.)
 5. The use of custom templates, which allows you to fine tune importing
    your documents. I've created templates for article.cls and book.cls.
    I'll also probably create one for memoir.cls as well.

Before release, I still need to implement support for footnotes and
endnotes (which is pretty easy).

Which brings me to the main reason I'm writing. Before releasing the
code, I'd really like to test it on a couple of "in the wild" documents.
It does pretty well on the test documents I've thrown at it from my own
library. But ... that's just me. I use Word in a very particular way.

If there's anyone who wouldn't mind, I'd really like to throw other test
documents at it. If you would be willing to donate one, please let me
know. This would allow me to check a wide variety of work and nail down
a couple more issues before a public test. I will keep all documents
confidential and delete after I've finished testing.

If everything goes well, I'll release the 0.1 version (which will still
need quite some cleaning up) early next week.



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