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Hi all

I've not been a LyX user for long but am going to write a 300-page academic paper with it for the final typesetting and formatting. I've practised on and off for the past few months but one thing that has always troubled me is how I'm unable to scroll with the keyboard (up and down arrow keys). I'd like to be rid of the mouse if possible.

When I hold a particular directional key for up to 20 secs it appears to work but as if it's in slow motion. Qt shouldn't be having any such scrolling problem, so I haven't been able to troubleshoot this any further.
I don't see this behavior at all. The only thing that slows down scrolling with the arrows is if the cursor enters a math formula. Then it runs through all the superscripts and subscripts, but still it is reasonably fast.

You also might try using the <Pageup> and <Pagedown> keys.

What system are you using? Mine is debian testing (a linux variant), on a fast machine -- but it works well on even my slow netbook.


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