It has frequently been suggested on this list that, currently, the best way to 
get a LyX file into Microsoft Word is to export from LyX to LyXHMTM and then to 
open that XHTML file with Word. I have Word 2011 for OS X and this fails 
because Word will not open the XHTML file, with the message 

The XML file bla bla bla cannot be opened because there are problems with the 
No error detail available
Location: 2

This happens even for the simplest LyX file with only one sentence and no fancy 
stuff--the entire contents of one test file is simply "Test sentence". However, 
the exported XHTML files doe open OK in Firefox and displays math in 
acceptable, if not perfect, form. (Firefox renders MathML out of the box--why 
can't other browsers join the 20th century.)

On the same "Test sentence" file exported via LyXHTML, I opened it in TextMate, 
a very popular and extensible text editor on OS X, and applied the "Validate 
syntax" command that is available therein, resulting in this output:

xmllint output
error: colon are forbidden from PI names 'IS10744:arch'
<?IS10744:arch xhtml
Test sentence.

I am using LyX 2.0.5 for OS X. I _think_ I have been able to do this in the 
past so I don't know why I can't do it now.

I am preparing to start a major writing project and I want to understand as 
much as I can about this--I'm pretty sure that there will be a huge incentive 
later to have a usable if not perfect version of my LyX work available in Word; 
this will include math.

I know that LyX -> Word is a frequent topic on this list so I'm not necessarily 
looking for a complete rehashing of the topic--only why LyXHTML -> Word fails.


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