On Jan 25, 2013, at 10:31 PM, Pavel Sanda wrote:

> Jerry wrote:
>> It has frequently been suggested on this list that, currently, the best way 
>> to get a LyX file into Microsoft Word is to export from LyX to LyXHMTM and 
>> then to open that XHTML file with Word. I have Word 2011 for OS X and this 
>> fails because Word will not open the XHTML file, with the message 
> BTW have you tried open LyXHTML in Firefox/whatever, select all, copy to 
> clipboard and then paste it to LibreOffice/Word/..? IIRC I have success with 
> some simpler documents some time ago.
> Pavel

Hmm.... I had not thought of that, but just now tried it.

Firefox to both Word and LibreOffice: Utter failure. The text is present but 
all formatting is lost and equations are complete garbage. No figures were 

Safari to both: Much better. Formatting is preserved. Equations are much less 
mangled but still not usable, and not recognized as equations. Figures were 
lost but captions and figure numbers were intact.

It't not a surprise that figures didn't make it since they aren't included in 
the XHTML file.

Also, it's only a little surprising that Firefox faired much worse than Safari 
because WebKit-based browsers on OS X, when cutting and pasting to any other 
program, retain font and related information perfectly, whereas Firefox passes 
only the generic text with no formatting.


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