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I'd have to investigate that myself, though I don't know the situation
of hunspell but using enchant should be indeed the way to go.

> PS The experimental is just a tag to show that the packaging has been
> updated after a long period. No guarantees, but I think it's safe to
> try.

Slightly different: During the freeze we try to not disturb bugfixing
and migration to testing, so we try to avoid new upstream releases not
targeted at the stable release in freeze, to be uploaded to unstable.
Thus we use experimental. Usually it's a testing area for packaging
changes, disruptive upstream changes etc.

I'm currently waiting that someone sends a pull request or Nick start's
to commit to the git repo so that I can review that and sponsor an
upload to unstable. (That would even help to push that to Ubuntu if someone
cares ...)

Currently the LyX package from experimental might even be installable on
wheezy but that's not recommended and not guranteed to work.
After getting a new upstream release into unstable and testing we can
talk about backports in case someone prepares them. I'd be willing to
sponsor the upload but not much more.

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