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> Hello,
> I am using the Springer svmono class under LyX, to write a monograph. 
> The class has a template for "acronyms", which allows authors to make
> explanations in the following way:
> XXX  {blablabla}
> YYYY  {blablablabla}
> ZZ  {blabla}
> This means, that an acronym to be explained is followed
> by an explanation in braces. The problem seems to be that the
> explanations are not aligned to any vertical line, but occur in
> various places, depending on the length of the explained symbol.
> This looks rather ugly (as is shown above). 
> My question is: can one do anything to force the alignment of
> all left braces at the same distance from the left margin?
> I would like to have something like in following list:
> XXX   {blablabla}
> YYYY  {blablablabla}
> ZZ    {blabla}
>                               Leslaw

Well, of course the kludgy way to do it is to use a table with no
visible borders. Uuuuugly!

I know nothing about Springer svmono, but there's probably a way to
make a LyX environment that does what you want. 

Study the "Labeling" environment that comes with LyX 2.x. It's
almost what you want, and it aligns the explanations beneath each other.
Your job would be:

1) Turn off its feature where the first item is in italics (probably to
   designate it as a header
2) Wrap the explanation in curly braces.

Do that and you're done.


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