Alas, not [auto] least, not in LyX 2.0.8. Other settings were already as you specified.

It doesn't throw an error, but the language isn't being set to english, so blindtext is outputting lorem ipsum, not english and math as it should.

attempt at quasi-MWE and pdf output attached. Note absence of math, though \setmathfont is working now.

Actually, ntitai, I tried this originally...before putting \usepackage[english]{babel} (as the blintext manual directs) in the language custom area (which now works), and that's where I came in...the circle is complete. hakunamatata.


PS I haven't updated to LyX 2.1, I'll confess: I mean I did update, but got errors with my files (apparently others too...); I rolled back and was going to try again, but as I was cleaning up/backing up the files I needed, got snagged in this blindtext caught me :-)

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On 2014-05-10, asllearner wrote:
This I knew not. But, you are quite correct, it works charmingly.

(specifically, in the language package custom
area:\usepackage{polyglossia}, and in preamble:
\setdefaultlanguage{english} )

Then, you can also do this a more "LyXish" way:

 * Document>Settings>Fonts  [x] use non-TeX fonts
 * Document>Settings>Language language-package [auto]  (or polyglossia)
 * Document>Settings>Language English

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