Dear all,

I am on Ubuntu 12.02 with Lyx 2.1.0. I wanted to make set the binomial
coefficient for a binomial distribution, so I did as I alway did, i.e.,
insert the parenthesis in my equation and a size 2 column vector in the
parenthesis. To my surprise the vector is not centered on the parenthesis,
but on the top element. Is doesn't mater if the vector is of even or odd
size; the vector is being setup from the top element to the bottom one.
This way the parenthesis are bigger than usual and the top part of their
space is empty.

I don't know if I was completely clear, so I have attached a couple of
PNG's of the UI and a PDF showing this behavior. Again, I stress that this
exactly the same way I have doing it for years, so this issue is related to
the UI. Is there some new way of doing it on Lyx which I am not aware of?

Thanks for your help.
Julio Rojas

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